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About Everybobble.com

HD Design Center, LLC -  opened in May 2004 and was originally a wedding accessories superstore.  Selling bridal gifts, guest books, favors and more. 


Always looking for something unique and different, the founders of HD Design Center decided to add a complete custom line of Wedding Cake Toppers.  Created in our factory in Shenzhen, China - all our products follow US guidelines, top quality and QC controls and regulations to ensure a safe, non toxic product.  Each doll is hand made, hand sculpted and hand painted giving a rich, unique addition to someone’s special day.  Part of the service was premade body types to a full custom head to toe design with different props to be added.  


With great success, our cake toppers have been the talk of hundreds of weddings.  We’ve received numerous thank you letters on how their cake looked so beautiful with their figurine and how they can enjoy it for the rest of their lives.  We are thankful to each customer who has enjoyed our product.


Shortly after adding our cake toppers, we decided to add a complete line of clay figurines not only to cater to weddings, but to allow individual themed pieces.  Pieces like sports figurines, office gifts, hobbies and even special events.  And still offering complete custom head to toe pieces.  Many customers found themselves creating their favorite tv show character body with their heads...


As innovators of the custom clay business, we decided to add another division to our company, “The Bobble head Division”.  In November 2006 we created over 2000 custom bobbleheads and more in December 2006.  We launched this new website January 2007, www.webobble.com which we decided to dedicate it just our clay products removing our standard wedding items from this current forum.  In August 2007, we opened another website for Political Bobbleheads, named:  politicalwobbles.com.  Our Political bobbleheads are the exclusive dolls of USNEWS.com.
To keep the momentum going, we added 2 different websites.  A computer created bobble head doll with our www.bestbobble.com website and a clay resin doll boasting great detail due to no paint used, only color clay with out www.bobblemaker.com website.
Launched Nov 2010, we grew again with our new www.BigBobble.com website, utilizing clay and resin and more choices for larger bobble head dolls.  We can make you a standard size doll or larger with our easy order form.  You tell us what size you seek. 
And now we done it again becasue our clients have asked.  HD Design Center, LLC now offers Premade bobblehead dolls of all you favorite characters.  We now offer a full line of DC comics, Funko, Neca, Political Dolls.  come check us out at our newest website:  www.everybobble.com.
  • HD Design Center, LLC shipments are Fully insured against loss or damage
  • HD Design Center, LLC holds a full customs bond.
  • HD Design Center, LLC carries product liability insurance up to 1,000,000 
  • HD Design Center, LLC is Hacker safe
  • HD Design center, LLC utilizes GeoTrust
  • HD Design Center, LLC is recognized by D&B -ID: 79-228-5681 (top rated)
  • HD Design Center, LLC holds a valid Collegiate License to create Licensed Products  
The fastest way to reach us is by email.  Let us know your question at sales@everybobble.com

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