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D#@k Head Bobblehead Doll - Tan Complexion

D#@k Head Bobblehead Doll - Tan Complexion

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This #1 Dick Head Bobble Head Dolls, when you get familiar with Political Bobbleheads, Sports Bobbleheads or TV and Movie Bobbleheads. But you have ever seem this #1 Dick Head Bobble Head Dolls?

This doll is 7" of fun, cute and little enticing …but don’t let it’s comical design fool you – this #1 Dickhead Doll is NOT for formal use!
A Dickhead tale
The idea for "The DickHead BobbleHead" was conceived in July 2007 in California, and born on April 18, 2008, in Florida.  After being at the peril of DickHeads & DickHeadism for much of my life, I decided, since life gave me DickHeads, why not make DickHead BobbleHeads?  Hence, the birth of "The DickHead BobbleHead", and I affectionately named him "#1 DickHead".
What is a DickHead?

A DickHead is defined by DickHeadism, the plague of humanity!  DickHeadism is a genetic DNA mutation in the male human species that causes bad and improper behavior.  These males lose sight of their gentleman-like qualitites such as charm, courtesy, kindness, integrity, honesty and reverence, just to name a few.  A DickHead will be lacking in one or more of these qualities.

DickHeadism knows no prejudice & crosses all racial, social and class barriers.  So, for the DickHead in your life, may it be your husband, lover, partner, father, son, brother boss or, friend, I bring you "The DickHead BobbleHead"!


The #1Dickhead Bobble head Doll is 7" tall. Is made of top quality Polynesian. Weight: approx. 8 oz Not for children under 18. Not for internal use. Novelty item only.

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